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Mixed Drinks and Cocktails

This will be a constantly updated page of all the cocktail recipes available on this website. Even though you could easily use the search function to find the exact cocktail you want (and I encourage you to give it a shot), sometimes you don’t really know what you’re looking for. So listed below are all the different vodka mixed drinks, linked to a dedicated article for each one.

If you would prefer to browse the cocktails by most recent articles, you are free to do so by going to the Mixed Drink category section.

List of Vodka Cocktails



Adios Mother Fucker
Adios (AMF)
Vodka and Carrot Juice
Agent Orange Cocktail
Bloody Mary
Cape Cod
Christmas Cocktails
Christmas Cocktails
Cosmo Cocktail
Orange Popsicle
easter basket martini
Easter Basket Cocktail
godmother vodka mixed drinks
Fuzzy Navel
Hairy Navel
halloween cocktail recipes
Halloween Cocktails
harvey wall banger
Harvey Wallbanger
HP TouchPad Tablet
HP TouchPad
Vodka, Mountain Dew, and Kool-Aid
Kentucky Bullfrog
Lemon Drop Vodka Mixed Drinks
Lemon Drop Martini
Mad Hatter Hat Cocktail
Mad Hatter Cocktail
vodka mixed drinks
Purple Hooter
red white and blue shooter
Red, White, and Blue
Ron Ron Juice


Salty Dog
vodka mixed drinks and vodka cocktails
Sex on the Beach
Tom Collins
Vodka Collins
Vodka Martini
mio liquid water enhancer
Vodka Mio Drink
Vodka Press
Vodka Press
vodka redbull recipe
Vodka Redbull
White Gummy Bear
White Russian



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