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How to make a Screwdriver

The Screwdriver is another classic vodka drink that everyone should know how to make upon request. The origins of the Screwdriver were first seen in publication in a 1949 issue of Time magazine. Some Turkish, Americans, and Balkans were sitting around enjoying a “Yankee concoction of vodka and orange juice, called a screwdriver.”

It is also said that the mixed drink got it’s name from American petroleum workers in Saudi Arabia. They would make these cocktails by pouring a little vodka into cans of orange juice and stirring it with their screwdrivers. The name seems to have stuck, as the screwdriver has become one of the favorite drinks of vodka drinkers.


What you will need to make a Screwdriver:

How to make a Screwdriver:

1. Fill your highball glass with ice.
Simple Enough?

2. Pour 1.5-2 ounces of vodka into the glass.
1.5 is the standard amount (a shot of vodka) but no harm in being a little heavy handed in your pour 😉

3. Add 5 ounces of orange juice.
Like all highballs, the amount of non-alcohol to add to the cocktail is up to you. Experiment a little to find the best combination.

4. Stir well and serve.
Just make sure the alcohol and orange juice is thoroughly mixed together.


Go the extra mile:

  • Try adding a little sprite or soda water to give it a carbonation kick.
  • Freshly squeezed oranges will trump any store bought orange juice every time.
  • If you don’t have orange juice, a “poor man’s” Screwdriver can be made using orange drinks, like Sunny Delight.
  • Flavored vodkas such as vanilla work really well with this drink.


There are many variations of the how to make a Screwdriver that people have played with. It is a very versatile cocktail that is good anytime of the day. So stop by the store for some fresh oranges or orange juice, and offer up this delicious mixed drink to all your friends at the next get together.
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