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How to Make a Purple Hooter

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Literally a Purple Hooter!

The Purple Hooter is a lesser known Vodka Mixed Drink that is made with Chambord. These Vodka Cocktails are usually made as a shooter, although don’t have nearly the popularity of kamikaze’s or vodka redbull’s. The Purple Hooter doesn’t have too much of a history other than trying to figure out why it’s called a “Purple Hooter.” Chambord is a raspberry liqueur used in vodka mixed drinks, so the purple part is easy enough. But what about hooter… ? Well, just like a fuzzy navel is talking about an orange, a Purple Hooter isn’t referring to breasts. It is most likely referring to an owl. Why? Because once you’ve had a few Purple Hooters, they’ll make your head spin!

Eh, a little corny, I know. But it still made me smile saying it. And if it does that now while I’m sober writing this, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it when you’re tossing back Purple Hooter’s next time you’re out!

Purple Hooter Recipe:

  1. Pour 1 ounce of vodka into a cocktail shaker (or glass) filled with ice.

    If you want to get a little heavy handed in your pour and make it 1.5 ounces, I don’t see any harm in that 😉

  2. Pour 1 ounce of Chambord.

    That’s about 2/3’s full of a shot. The raspberry liqueur is what makes the purple hooter purple.

  3. Add 1.5 ounces of 7-up or .5 ounces of lime juice.

    Either ingredient is fine. I prefer 7-up to give my purple hooter a little more substance.

  4. Give a quick shake or stir and strain into shooter glasses

    Shooter glasses are preferred but taking from a rocks glass works too.

Purple Hooter Ingredients:

  • Vodka
  • Chambord
  • 7-up or sprite
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Strainer
  • Shooter or rocks glasses
vodka mixed drinks
Purple Hooter Shirt: Night Owl

Go the extra mile

  • If you want to give this shooter a little twist, try making with .5 ounces of triple-sec or even a splash of sweet and sour.
So that’s the Recipe for a Purple Hooter. When compared to other Vodka Cocktails, it’s not the most well known. But that could make ordering or making this Vodka Mixed Drink all the more fun. So try and surprise your friends by treating them to a Purple Hooter. It’ll be fun when everybody’s heads are spinning later that night. Cheers!

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  1. Is there a website I can hit to purchase a few of the purple hooter shirts ?? I run the cocktail program at Little Owl Venue and would live to purchase a few. Thanks

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