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Vodka Review: AnestasiA Vodka

AnestasiA Vodka Review

AnestasiA Vodka Review - Initial Impressions: I think it's fair to say that we eat with our eyes first. There is a psychological predisposition that we will enjoy a dish based on how it looks. When I look at AnestasiA Vodka's bottle, all I can think of is how good… Vodka Review: AnestasiA Vodka Vodka Review: AnestasiA Vodka 2015-03-30 Jon ...

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Vodka Review: Sebian Elitna Vodka

Polubotka Elitna

Elitna Review - Initial Impressions: It's always interesting to see other country's take on something that should be so simple. Vodka at it's most basic level should be clean, smooth, and flavorless. While that seems very straightforward, many different company's have their own ways of ensuring these qualities. Elitna Vodka from… Vodka Review: Sebian Elitna Vodka Vodka Review: Sebian Elitna Vodka ...

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Vodka Review: Exclusiv Vodca

Exclusiv vodca

Exclusiv Vodca Review - Initial Impressions: At the time I am writing this, the winter Olympics are currently underway in Sochi, Russia. As I sit here, rooting for USA people I've never heard of to win a shiny gold medal, I mull over which vodka to fill my glass with.… Vodka Review: Exclusiv Vodca Vodka Review: Exclusiv Vodca 2014-02-09 Jon ...

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Vodka Review: Ivanabitch Tobacco Flavored Vodka

tobacco flavored vodka

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka Review - Initial Impressions: Hmm... Ivanabitch Tobacco flavored vodka... Welp, here goes nothing. When I first heard about this idea for a tobacco flavored vodka, all I could think of was "why, why, WHY!?" Who in their right mind would conceive such an idea for a flavored vodka? Well,… Vodka Review: Ivanabitch Tobacco Flavored Vodka Vodka Review: Ivanabitch Tobacco ...

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