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Vodka Review: Ketel One

ketel one

  That was my first video ever for Vodka Only, I promise to liven it up a bit in the future! But as for the shot, you can see that I took it fairly easy. I did have it in the freezer and this will definitely make any vodka shot go down easy. For the future, I think I will ...

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How to Make a Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

  How to Make a Bloody Mary. I’m dreading writing this article even as you read this! The Bloody Mary is often boasted as one of the most complicated vodka cockails to make. It has become a staple morning vodka mixed drink due to it’s hardy and rich flavors. I’ve even heard of the Bloody Mary Recipe being used as a good hangover remedy. ...

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How to make a Screwdriver


The Screwdriver is another classic vodka drink that everyone should know how to make upon request. The origins of the Screwdriver were first seen in publication in a 1949 issue of Time magazine. Some Turkish, Americans, and Balkans were sitting around enjoying a “Yankee concoction of vodka and orange juice, called a screwdriver.” It is also said that the mixed drink got ...

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Americans are Spending More on Vodka than Ever Before


CHICAGO — Roberto Cavalli, the Italian fashion designer, knows a thing or two about catching someone’s eye, and his new vodka was making an impression on a recent Friday night at the glitzy Y Bar here. The bottle, which sells for $60 in stores and around $300 in the V.I.P. lounges of clubs like Y Bar, glowed on its own ...

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