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About Vodka Only

Vodka Cocktails
Grey Goose may be overplayed, but it still goes down smooth

My name is Jon and I am the creator and sole writer for Vodka Only (for now). As a young adult growing up in California, I noticed the growing trend of  hanging out with friends and the constant obsession with alcohol needed to have a good time. I’m not against that idea. In fact, I am so for this idea that I felt to create a line of websites revolving around the different kinds of alcohol, starting with vodka.

Vodka mixed drinks and vodka cocktails come in all kinds of different colors, flavors, and mixers and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming to know what’s going on. It took me months to memorize what the ingredients were for a kamikaze. All I knew was that they were a shooter and they were delicious! I also had trouble venturing outside the box when it came to vodka reviews. Other than the typical Greygoose, Absolut, and Smirnoff, I really had no idea what other vodkas were out there.

It was because of these reasons that I created Vodka Only and felt the need to learn all I could and share it with all of you. There are too many vodka review and vodka mixed drink websites out there that don’t write about these drinks from a personal perspective. My goal is to give real honest personable reviews of vodka, and share why you may or may not be interested in trying. I also want to try and share any information I can about mixed drinks and walk you through step-by-step how to make these drinks. Nothing is more frustrating than going to learn how to make a new vodka cocktail and all they say is “take all these ingredients, throw them in a glass, stir, and drink”. No, you should know WHY you are putting those ingredients in, or how they improve the cocktail!

So I hope you enjoy Vodka Only, since I created it with the everyday people in mind. I’m not trying to win a Pulitzer Prize here or anything, I’m just trying to share with you everything I know and learn about Vodka. Enjoy!

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