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Vodka Review: Blue Label Vodka

blue vodka

Blue Label Vodka Review - Initial Impressions: Blue Label Vodka is an up and coming company looking to push itself as a premium vodka looking to make its way into your vodka drinks and cocktails. This vodka is marketed in a sleek and classic long neck bottle that is actually very… Vodka Review: Blue Label Vodka Vodka Review: Blue Label Vodka ...

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New Years Eve Cocktail: Raspberry Sparkler

Vodka and Champagne

As I find myself getting older, wiser, classier (sometimes), I decided to feature a drink that will look equally good in a champagne flute or a plastic cup. Because of tradition, this will be a nice lighter cocktail featuring champagne to give the cocktail a sweet carbonation. If your goal is to get trashy tonight, feel free to make a big batch using the cheapest champagne you can find. Maybe spend a little more for the classier single cocktails.

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Vodka Review: Czar Red Vodka

czar red berry vodka

Czar Red Vodka Review – Initial Impressions: Czar Red Vodka is a brand new startup company looking to make its mark in the flavored vodka niche. What separates Czar Red from other similar products is that they are bringing a century old recipe to the table and pushing to market it to the world. Unlike large commercial brands, these are vodka infusions made ...

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Make Your Own Peppermint Vodka Infusion

peppermint vodka infusion

Enjoy the holidays even more this season by creating a batch of peppermint vodka yourself! It’s fun, easy, and goes great in all your vodka drinks or taken straight as a shooter! Be different for the holidays and warm up with this great infusion recipe.

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