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Distiller’s Blimp Crash Lands

Hangar One is known for its award-winning vodka. Last weekend, the Alameda distillery company became known for an unfortunate blimp accident.

In May, Hangar One branded a blimp with its logo and then set it off on a six month, 33-city promotional tour of the United States. At each of the cities the blimp was expected to visit, Hangar One was going to hold a contest amongst local bartenders to see who could create the best cocktails with its vodka.

Last week, the blimp reached the 16th city on its promotional tour: Columbus, Ohio. According to news reports from the area, the blimp was met at the Ohio city by heavy winds, clouds and rain. Due to the weather conditions, the blimp was grounded at Columbus’s airport for what was supposed to be several days. Unfortunately, the blimp got restless…

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