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bruce willis sues sobieski

Bruce Willis Seeks Vodka Compensation

If you have checked out my Sobieski Vodka Review (which you should), you would know that Bruce Willis is an endorser and part owner of Belvedere SA, which owns the Sobieski brand name.

As of late, Belevere is trying to restructure the firm’s almost $1 Billion debt in order to stay afloat.

The issue is that Mr Bruce Willis was told he would be paid about $26 million if the value of his 2.6% stake in the company fell below a certain threshold. The company declined to comment on what the price was that triggered this payment clause.

You can check out more of this story on the Wall Street Journal.

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I think this is a real shame because I thought Bruce Willis’ role as a promoter of Sobieski Vodka was great. His hilarious tongue-in-cheek commercials were entertaining and enjoyable. He has definitely helped spread the Sobieski name and it’s a shame that the parent company is doing so poorly.

I would suggest supporting by picking up a bottle of this great vodka today. It’s fairly cheap, but the quality is amazing for the price.

And now, here’s some Bruce:


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