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Woman Sues Belvedere for Likeness in ‘Rape’ Ad

Belvedere Rape Ad


In case you haven’t been aware of the latest vodka news, Belvedere Vodka came out with what some believe to be a racy ad. As seen above, the joke appears to be made at the woman’s expense.

Now the original use of this picture was never meant to be used in this sense. And because of that fact, the woman in said picture is now upset and looking to sue Belvedere Vodka. Alicyn Packard is a vocal actress living in Los Angeles whose likeness was used in the Belvedere ad.

Packard never gave her consent for her likeness to be used in the ad.

Despite the President of Belvedere apologizing for the ad, Packard said that she was never personally apologized to.

“To be affiliated with an ad that’s so offensive to so many has just been horrible,” Packard said. “I just want to distance myself from the ad as much as possible.”

Only in America can you claim you want to distance yourself from such an event, only to take action to consume yourself with it in the court systems. Everybody wants fair compensation, and I suppose her reason for justice is just as good as many others I’ve seen.

For me, I never have any problems with ads… most of the time. Unfortunately, Belvedere walked too close to the line on this one, and I can see many woman being offended by such an ad.

Sorry Belvedere, I see a sizable settlement in your future.

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