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Amount of Calories in Vodka

One of the more popular questions that comes up with drinking is: How many calories are in vodka? Does the type of brand matter? Does the proof of the vodka matter?

You should know that 1 gram of alcohol is 7 calories. The problem with this tid bit of knowledge is that gram is a unit of weight while vodka is measured in units of volume.

So unless you know the exact density of vodka and the necessary conversions, this isn’t exactly the easiest problem to solve.

So to make your life easier, I’ve done all the hard work for you already. Enjoy!

How many calories in a Vodka Shot?

A typical shot of vodka is 1.5 fluid oz. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, calories in vodka is determined by the proof/percent alcohol of the alcohol. So we can break it down like this:

Calories in Vodka: 80 Proof

1.5 oz = 97 Calories

Calories in Vodka: 90 Proof

1.5 oz = 110 Calories

Calories in Vodka: 100 Proof

1.5 oz = 122 Calories

Does Vodka Brand Matter when Determining Calories in Vodka?

Shot glass with Measurements
Shot glass with Measurements

Short Answer: No.

However, this becomes a little different if you’re looking at flavored vodka. Standard vodka is flavorless, odorless, and tasteless so various brands like to add their own flavors to liven them up a bit. This can include extracts and, more importantly, sugar. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what excess sugar consumption will do to you, but I will tell you that this can increase the amount of calories in your shot from 30-50 calories per 1.5 oz.

You should also take notice that flavored vodkas also tend to be around 60 proof as well. This means you’re consuming more flavor extracts and sugar than you are alcohol to get the same buzz you would if it was just standard 80 proof vodka.

Choose your Vodka Mixers Carefully

So, now that you are wiser on the calories in vodka, hopefully you’ll think a little bit more on the mixers you choose for your vodka drinks. 5 shots and you’re already at 500 calories! Add that to your late night 4th meal and it’s easy to see why people tend to gain weight when they drink. Stay strong and choose your mixers carefully!

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  1. What the f**k is Mio?

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    • It’s just like a flavoring you to water. It’s like Kool-Aid but in liquid form. Although, Kool-AID now also makes it like Mio

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  2. Double shot of vodka with 8 oz of Ocean Spray Yellow Grapefruit Juice! Delicious, but around 270 calories per drink…. boo! 😉 My guilty pleasure now and then!

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  3. Best vodka drink ever….Grey Goose Orange flavored vodka with diet sunkist….great taste..2 shots mixed with the diet sunkist…
    vodka is not even tasted….

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