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Here you will find vodka in various news articles. Some will be talking about companies new flavors of vodka. Others might just be funny stories having to do with vodka. Ultimately my goal is to keep you up to date with vodka happenings around the world and what better way than through the press!

Americans are Spending More on Vodka than Ever Before


CHICAGO — Roberto Cavalli, the Italian fashion designer, knows a thing or two about catching someone’s eye, and his new vodka was making an impression on a recent Friday night at the glitzy Y Bar here. The bottle, which sells for $60 in stores and around $300 in the V.I.P. lounges of clubs like Y Bar, glowed on its own ...

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How to Make a White Russian

White Russian

So you want to know how to make a White Russian? Very well, I will share with you the ancient recipe of the old country. One that has been passed down straight from the motherland… Actually, a White Russian cocktail never originated in Russia. The term merely arose because the vodka is the primary hard alcohol in this beverage. What ...

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How to Make a Salty Dog

Salty Dog

Well, a Salty Dog is just a Greyhound with salt on the rim. So to learn how to make a Salty Dog, you’ll need to learn how to make a Greyhound. Luckily that article is already written and if you follow the link, you’ll be well on your way!

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How to Make a Cape Cod

Cape Cod

A Cape Cod is a fairly easy cocktail to make. The name originates from the coast of Cape Cod because of the all the cranberries that were harvested in that region. Figured it out yet? A Cape Cod cocktail’s slang term is simply Vodka Cranberry or Vodka Cran. It’s a classic highball that I’m sure you’ve seen people order at ...

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How to Make a Greyhound


When asked to make a greyhound, usually it must be specified whether to make one with vodka or gin. But as with everything else around here, we only know how to make a greyhound with vodka. Greyhound is a classic highball that is right in the Cape Cod family or even Vodka Collins. This cocktail is for someone who likes ...

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Why is a Martini Glass Shaped the Way it is?

martini glass

Martini’s have become a staple drink of Vodka lovers everywhere. Originally made with gin, many individuals now choose vodka as their alcohol driver of this delicious beverage. But why must they come in such a precarious glass? As a former server at a restaurant with a full bar, nothing was more tedious than delivering a couple Martinis to a table that felt ...

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What is a highball?

Typical Highball or Tall Glass

Ah highball, the bread and butter of mixed drinks. Not to be confused with an 8-ball (careful…), a highball is the general term used to classify an alcoholic beverage mixed with a larger portion of some non-alcoholic liquid. A highball glass is the tall glass it’s served in. The term is usually used in regards to someone ordering a scotch ...

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A Short History of Vodka


Where did Vodka come from? The exact time in history when vodka was invented isn’t 100% certain. According to the Encyclopedia of Russian History, vodka arrived in Russia sometime in the late fourteenth century. When it became popular, drink shops, called kabaki, sprung up in the fifteenth century to distribute to the public. However, according to the Gin and Vodka Association ...

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