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Vodka Review: Russian Standard

Initial Thoughts:

This Vodka Review on Russian Standard is interesting in that I don’t know a whole lot about this brand. Russian Standard claims to be Russia’s number 1 premium vodka. Since Russia is the country we can thank for all our fine Vodka Mixed Drinks and Vodka Cocktails, this is a pretty big boast on this company’s part.

Russian Standard was established in 1998 as a new anti-soviet premium vodka. Although seen as a controversial idea, it worked in the 1990’s when international marketplaces were booming and capitalism was at it’s peak. Russian Standard production flourished throughout the 2000’s and a new distillery was opened in St. Petersburg,  producing 4 million cases per year. Russian Standard has even come up and challenged Stolichnaya in the past about how Russian it really is (Stoli’s bottling plant is in Latvia). I wouldn’t say that it necessarily won that battle, but Russian Standard is definitely creeping up in notoriety.

This Russian Standard Vodka Review will be pretty wide open. I’ve never had Russian Standard before, so this will definitely be fun. I like the masculine look of the bottle, but beyond that, I have no idea. Let’s go to the shot.

Russian Standard Facts

Average Price:$19.99 per 750 ml

Distilled From: 100% Hardy Winter Grains, Distilled 4 times, Diluted with Glacial Water from Lake Ladoga, Charcoal Filtered

Percent Alcohol: 40%

Produced By: Russian Standard

Website: russianstandard vodka.com

The Shot:

My goal is to record myself take a shot of every vodka brand that I review. Why? Well, nothing describes the pain/joy of taking a shot then looking at a persons face while he does it! So before I describe the shot, go ahead and press play to observe my immediate reaction.

Alright, first things first, I apologize for my lack of facts in this video. I made a few errors, namely calling this St. Petersberg vodka instead of Russian Standard vodka. I promise to have my facts straight next time. But as for the shot, Russian Standard wasn’t too bad. I definitely felt a little burn, but nothing too bad. What impressed me was that it actually finished a little sweet. As I swallowed the shot, that initial burn almost immediately went away, with no lingering singes to the tongue.

This Russian Standard Review actually reminds me a bit of the Stolichnaya review. They tasted very similar going down. However, I will say that Russian Standard came out on top in this one.

Shooting Grade: B+


The Mixed Drink:

Russian Standard Vodka Review
Russian Standard Bottle

For this Russian Standard Review, I chose to try the vodka with a Capecod, or Vodka Cranberry. I try to keep my Vodka Mixed Drinks and Vodka Cocktails to simple highballs when doing reviews. After giving the drink a good stir, I started to sip the Russian Standard. I was just seeing if I could taste any bitter or unpleasant flavors. I took a large drink, and to my surprise, I hardly felt any burn.

What you are usually looking for in a vodka mixed drink or vodka cocktail, is how does the alcohol help the cocktail? Well, for Russian Standard, it actually mixes very well. It doesn’t completely hide behind the juice, nor should it. The sweetness I mentioned earlier really shined through and I was left with a very satisfying drink. It was definitely an improvement over the shot I had taken before.

So once again, Russian Standard has bested the Stolichnaya. It wasn’t by much and on any random day, it could be a draw. But for this review, I think I’ll give Russian Standard the benefit of the doubt and say that it will usually win.

Mixed Drink Grade: A-



Russia was the leader, innovator, creator, and movers of Vodka all throughout history. Taking a look at the quality of their self proclaimed #1 premium vodka, Russian Standard held it’s own in the arena of spirits. Although the shot was good, it wasn’t great. You will still feel a slight burn when drinking. However, using Russian Standard in Vodka Mixed Drinks and Vodka Cocktails is really where this brand shines. After doing this Vodka Review, I feel like I can buy Russian Standard with confidence. And after reading this, I hope you feel the same way too.

So go ahead and pick up a bottle, and let me know what you think of it!

Final Grade: B+

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  1. Try Russia Standard Platinum. For 5 dollars more per bottle you will vet what I think is the best reasonably priced vodka being made.

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