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Why is Absolut Vodka so Popular?

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In case you are wondering, yes, I really am posing this question. Why is Absolut Vodka so popular? From a quality standpoint, there is nothing special about them. Their product is crisp and clean, but far from going down smooth. If you take shots of Absolut and think they are good, then I’m afraid you have not tried many brands ...

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Vodka Review: Alchemy Chocolate Vodka

Alchemy Chocolate Vodka Review -The Shot: Alchemy Chocolate Vodka is definitely a rich and rewarding experience. As you take the shot, your mouth is washed over with rich dark chocolate flavors. The best way to describe it is like you just bit into a chocolate chip cookie (well, one that was made with vodka in it). The shot was strong, ...

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Vodka Review: De La Ron Vodka

de la ron vodka review

De La Ron Vodka Review -The Shot: De La Ron vodka is overall pretty smooth. The shot was clean, with subtle sweet notes. The burn was mild and didn’t have any bad burning sensation in the nostrils. It wasn’t quite flavorless, and it was hard to pin point the exact flavor. It was almost a sweet corn kind of profile. ...

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Infused Vodka: How to make your own Vodka Infusions

infused vodka setup

So you’re at this swanky bar that has a separate menu for their own special cocktail drinks and you see some pretty crazy concoctions. Rather than using flavored vodkas, they have opted to use their own batch of vodka infusions from various herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. Vodka (and gin for that matter) possess another quality besides being able to ...

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