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How to Make a HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad Tablet

There comes a time in every Vodka drinkers life, when they come home on a Friday night, and find themselves browsing the internet for deals. I come to find out, HP is having a fire sale on their 2 month old HP TouchPad Tablet. Originally $499, they are now selling the 16g version for $99 and the 32g version for ...

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How to Make a Hairy Navel

Fuzzy Navel

A Hairy Navel is like the older sibling to the Fuzzy Navel. The difference between the two is that the first one has vodka in it, making it a stronger drink. This is why it is no longer fuzzy! The fuzzy navel made was created in the 1980’s, when everyone was looking for the next big cocktail, in Omaha Nebraska ...

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Distiller’s Blimp Crash Lands


Hangar One is known for its award-winning vodka. Last weekend, the Alameda distillery company became known for an unfortunate blimp accident. In May, Hangar One branded a blimp with its logo and then set it off on a six month, 33-city promotional tour of the United States. At each of the cities the blimp was expected to visit, Hangar One ...

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How to Make a Kamikaze


Kamikaze! This mixed drink is one of the more fun shooters to order. They are quick to take and when ordered, everyone knows that the party is about to get started.  There are two theories in answering the question: when was the Kamikaze invented? The first one is that it originated in Japan during the American occupation at a bar on ...

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