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tobacco flavored vodka

Vodka Review: Ivanabitch Tobacco Flavored Vodka

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka Review - Initial Impressions: Hmm... Ivanabitch Tobacco flavored vodka... Welp, here goes nothing. When I first heard about this idea for a tobacco flavored vodka, all I could think of was "why, why, WHY!?" Who in their right mind would conceive such an idea for a flavored vodka? Well,…

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Ivanabitch Tobacco Flavored Vodka!? WTF? Eh... Worth a try, but only if you're brave and don't mind dropping $13 for it.

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Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka Review – Initial Impressions:

Hmm… Ivanabitch Tobacco flavored vodka… Welp, here goes nothing.

When I first heard about this idea for a tobacco flavored vodka, all I could think of was “why, why, WHY!?” Who in their right mind would conceive such an idea for a flavored vodka? Well, one look over at Ivanabitch.com and you’ll see that they do things a little differently over there. Bringing to the market, “Vodka with Attitude” Ivanabitch is taking a step outside the norm and trying something different.

Let me get this out of the way: I’m not a smoker. So maybe this vodka isn’t exactly meant for me. However, I do enjoy a nice cigar every now and then and can appreciate the warm, woody tobacco taste after a large meal or while drinking a nice glass of whiskey or scotch. But even then, I’m not trying to drink my tobacco! While there is no actual tobacco in this vodka, the thought alone is giving me shivers. There’s really not much else I can say about this, so let’s just get right to the shot!

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka Review -The Shot:

As I smell the shot, I get the pungent scent of caramel, smoke, and… raisins? Kinda like an ashtray at grandma’s house. It doesn’t scream tobacco to me, although it does smell pleasant enough. As I take the shot, the flavor pretty much matches the scent, with more caramel and a flat woody note. The shot isn’t too bad, but it doesn’t have the cleanest finish. A couple minutes went by and that’s when it me: the aftertaste.

As I went to go look for something to mix this stuff with, I had this nasty lingering aftertaste in my mouth that I couldn’t shake. My mouth literally tasted like I had smoked a cigarette. I had that dry tongue and stale tobacco flavor just sitting in my trap. Is this what Ivanabitch Tobacco Flavored Vodka was going for? If so, then I reluctantly say they succeeded. If this is something a chain smoker can buy into, then go for it.

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka Review -The Mixed Drink:

tobacco flavored vodkaI always take a shot of vodka before I even think of making a cocktail or mixed drink. It acts as my buffer. If a vodka is just alright, I’ll give it something easy like cranberry juice or soda. This vodka however is so unique, that I’m not quite sure what you should mix it with. I settled on just mixing it with Coke.

After mixing the two liquids together, it actually kind of smelled more like a cigar now. I think when you have it straight, it can come across as being a little too sweet. Once I diluted it, the smell of tobacco really started to come out. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it smells better, just maybe more along the lines of what they had in mind. The Coke and Tabacco Flavored Vodka mixture actually tasted alright. I wouldn’t even mind sipping one of these at a party. I think the sweet caramel-like flavor of the vodka mixes well with the soda. Now if only I could handle that ashtray aftertaste…

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka Review -Final Thoughts:

I guess I’m still in shock that Ivanabitch created a Tobacco Flavored Vodka. But, I guess anything’s possible with enough imagination. I’ll keep this one short: If you smoke or like any kind of tobacco products, then maybe this vodka is worth a try. If you don’t smoke, obviously this isn’t for you. I’m not gonna lie though, you would be the talk of the party if you showed up with a tobacco flavored vodka for everyone to try.

Try it once if you’re brave. Try it twice if you enjoy your mouth tasting like shit. Good luck!

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka Facts

Average Price: $12.99 per 750 mL
Distilled From: wheat grain, 5 times
Percent Alcohol: 35%
Produced By: International Spirits, LLC
Website: ivanabitch.com/

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