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Vodka Review: Island 808 Mango Vodka

Island 808 Mango Vodka Review – Initial Impressions:

Island 808 Mango Vodka is a flavored vodka of the relatively new brand Island 808 that is trying to make a name for itself for it’s high quality fruit flavor. Many Vodka Cocktails and Vodka Mixed Drinks do well with flavored liquor included in the recipes. Because of this, you want flavored vodka that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Just like their standard Island 808 vodka, Island 808 mango vodka tries to really embody the Hawaiian Islands by distilling and producing their vodka from pineapples.

After the distilling process, they then add mango to give that refreshing taste of fresh fruit. Fresh mango can really hit the spot on those hot summer days and this vodka hopes to do the same.

Island 808 Mango Vodka Facts

Average Price: $12.99 per 750 ml

Distilled From: Pineapple, Triple Distilled

Percent Alcohol: 30%

Produced By: Island 808 Trading CO.

Website: 808island.com/

Island 808 Mango Vodka Review -The Shot:

My goal is to record myself take a shot of every vodka brand that I review. Why? Well, nothing describes the pain/joy of taking a shot more than looking at a persons face while he does it! So before I describe the shot, go ahead and press play to observe my immediate reaction.

Island 808 Mango Vodka is only 30% alcohol, so naturally it’s a little easier to shoot than regular vodkas. If you remember from my Pineapple Vodka Review, it went down incredibly smooth and the flavor was very full and rich. Luckily, they didn’t skimp out on the mango and it turned out to be just as gratifying.

The shot was delicious, and I could barely taste any bitterness. It was smooth all the way down and left a sweet, clear taste in my mouth. There wasn’t any lingering burns of the alcohol, nor was there any unwanted flavors. Sometimes the sweetness of fruit-flavored alcohol can taste a bit off, but I think Island 808 nailed it. Definitely enjoyed shooting their Mango Vodka.

Shooting Grade: A


Island 808 Mango Vodka Review -The Mixed Drink:

mango vodka
Island 808 Mango Vodka

For this Island 808 Mango Vodka Review, I chose to make a Vodka Cran. I like to keep my Vodka Mixed Drinks and Vodka Cocktails simple when doing reviews.

After one sip of this Vodka Cocktail, I knew this was just like the pineapple. However, the one difference is that in my personal opinion, I don’t think it mixes quite as well. There’s something about pineapple that allows it to just mesh with all kinds of juices. With mango, you pretty much have to stick with the more tropical juices.

I made a drink using only soda water and the drink was really good. I don’t talk about calories much, but if you don’t want to mix with juices and all that sugar, this vodka is tasty enough to mix with soda water only. Overall it was definitely a good vodka to mix drinks with.

Mixed Drink Grade: B+


Island 808 Mango Vodka Review – Conclusion:

Island 808 Vodka is an interesting new vodka brand to hit the shelves. Distilled from pineapples, it stands out as something different to try in your vodka endeavors. Vodka Cocktails and Vodka Mixed Drinks are all the same, but the vodka used to make them is what makes them unique.

Island 808 Mango Vodka is the alternative great flavored vodka for those who aren’t fans of pineapples. Can anyone honestly say that they don’t like either pineapple OR mango? Well, if you still say you don’t, I hope you’ll make an exception to try this vodka. Super tasty and great for those looking to try something new!

Final Grade: A-

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