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Crazy Inventor Blows up House Making Homemade Vodka

homemade vodka explosion
Wales is usually peaceful this time of year..

A Welsh inventor has caused his house to blow up by trying to make homemade vodka.

Lawrence Toms, 44, from Tynewydd, Wales, was brewing the vodka when the explosion occurred. 4 fire trucks raced to the scene in order to extinguish any flames caused by the blast.

South Wales Police had commented on the incident and believe it was caused by trying to make homemade vodka. The spokesman said: “The windows were blown out of the property and it was lucky no one in the street was injured.

“We believe the explosion was triggered by a home-brewing kit. But officers are satisfied he was making it for his own consumption and this was not a commercial operation.”

Hannah Knowles, who lives across the street and witnessed the incident, added: “His windows were blown out but luckily for me his camper van was parked outside and that shielded me [and my home] from the blast.”


Man oh man, what a story. Now, here at Vodka Only, I realize that you love your vodka. But if you ever have the idea of trying to brew it up yourself, make sure you plan and think everything through!

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